Today’s blog post about Salesforce News is dedicated to 3 current topics about Salesforce in the Covid-19 phase.

Salesforce Live Switzerland

After the Salesforce Basecamp in the Samsung Hall in Zurich in 2019 was held with great success, this year “only” the online event “Salesforce Live Switzerland” will take place due to the Covid-19.

The event focuses on the presentation of real business applications to renowned customers. In one-hour breakout sessions, held on different days, cases from various industries such as financial services, healthcare and many more will be presented.

Record results quarter 2 / 2021

While various industries and companies are currently suffering, Salesforce achieved one of the best quarterly results in the company’s history and the stock made a huge leap forward.

Announcement of layoffs

As soon as the record result is communicated, negative news follows for the workforce: Salesforce plans to lay off or “re-allocate” around 1000 employees. Although the affected employees are to be given the opportunity to reapply for other positions in the company, many of them will have to leave the company.