squiis starts with focus on “Optimize your Salesforce

squiis - Optimize your Salesforce

squiis stands for getting the best out of the Salesforce platform. Based on proven best practices, squiis helps companies to ensure that they use Salesforce in the optimal quality in order to exploit the innovative potential for their own business.

Optimize your Salesforce!

For companies wishing to introduce Salesforce, squiis is the experienced companion who knows where the opportunities and risks lie during implementation. A neutral coach who shows what really needs to be taken into account during the implementation and professionally trains the team based on basic practices.

squiis supports companies that already use Salesforce in recognising and exploiting untapped potential of Salesforce: By identifying and demonstrating optimisation possibilities during operation – for example, with regard to the licence model, UX, data quality, reporting, processes or extensions. And by providing training courses and webinars to increase the know-how of Salesforce users such as administrators or end users – by communicating best practices in a focused, understandable way that can be applied immediately in daily work.

You can find more information on our “digital fresh” website and various channels. Or contact us directly via Phone or E-mail.

squiis was founded by André Ryf, an Salesforce enthusiast since 2007 with extensive experience as a consultant, implementer and trainer. You can find more information on the page “About squiis”.

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