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Model addresses

In the standard configuration Salesforce comes with a rather simple way of capturing addresses. In the actual CRM implementation, this often does not meet the …


Contact Management

In every CRM we manage contacts. These contacts are people with whom we have a relationship. However, we often record little information such as the …

Salesforce Account

The Salesforce Account Object – Do not underestimate!

Customers, partners, suppliers – all of these are managed in the Salesforce object Accounts. In addition to the account information, topics such as account management, …

Salesforce for Startups and Small Businesses

Salesforce CRM for startups and small businesses

As a startup or small business, you often find it difficult to deal with the topic of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). There is a lack …

Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead – Are you a Ranger?

Under the term Salesforce Trailhead, Salesforce offers a learning platform with comprehensive content for a wide variety of roles in order to constantly expand your …

Salesforce Training

Why Salesforce Training is still needed

Comprehensive Salesforce user training (and the same applies to super users, administrators, etc.) is a mandatory task in a Salesforce project and must be thought through, prepared and carried out in a timely and conceptual manner.


Salesforce Audit

It is worthwhile to continuously maintain, optimize and expand your own Salesforce implementation in order to generate the greatest possible benefit and also to maximize your profit from the investments made and the recurring license costs.

squiis - Optimize your Salesforce

squiis starts with focus on “Optimize your Salesforce

squiis starts with focus on “Optimize your Salesforce